Google, Microsoft, Apple: You can’t just sell the OS for so long, you need apps in there!

A while back, during a technical discussion on a mobile app project, I made an argument with my colleagues that mobile OSes will soon become irrelevant, as people will look for supported apps on the OS and not the OS and underlying features of the OS, so any companies trying to sell on OS features have to change their strategy, and one of the ways is to buy or copy the popular apps into their own OS/ecosystem to stay relevant… apps wise, when nobody would care about the OS.

While Google and Microsoft are already started to prove it right, one step at a time (Google drive, One drive, messaging, keyboards etc.), there came the first round of huge rip-offs from Apple at WWCD, taking on Dropbox, Whatsapp, Skitch, Home Automation apps, and many more.

I think I was right… it has started already. What do you think?