The history of Orison Technologies has always been centered on technical people who possess an innate ability to create and deploy software. During the past several years, Orison Technologies have developed a variety of skill sets geared toward meeting the diverse technology challenges of our clients. With such a wide array of technical skills to draw from, we have the expertise to solve nearly any client need. Our desire is to assist our clients in every way possible – and our General Practice is aimed at realizing that goal.

Research is also a vital component of our General Practice. In the evolving world of technology, the effort to maintain a current knowledge base is of primary importance. As part of this effort, we look continually at new technologies and work to gain understanding of their business value and deployment capabilities. Very often, the technologies we research are the same ones our clients are working to understand. With this value-add service, Orison Technologies is always prepared to meet the ongoing and future technology needs of our clients.

Enterprise RIA Development

The capabilities made possible by Rich Internet Applications can change the way in which your company engages and interacts with your customers and users.

The result is a more effective user experience with substantial improvement on top and bottom-line results.

Orison can provide bespoke development upon the J2EE and .NET platforms, or assist teams in the integration existing infrastructure for an RIA presentation tier. Read More

Web Design & Application Development

Orison views your website as a powerful supplement to traditional marketing media that can build valuable branding for your company, while enhancing the way in which you do business via a custom web development.

We are dedicated to providing innovative and professional services that will exceed your expectations. Read More

Mobile Application Development

There's a new trend in wireless telecommunications: Internet connectivity and database interaction via handheld devices.

As more people buy wireless handheld devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and cellular phones, the demand to access online resources increases. Read More


Electronic commerce (e-Commerce) has created immense opportunities for many companies in various fields of today's business world.

The challenge of serving geographically dispersed customers, suppliers and employees efficiently has been solved through the integrated web-based solutions of e-commerce.

Orison Technologies offers end-to-end e-commerce solutions across a broad range of markets including financial services, telecommunications, retail and manufacturing, just to name a few. Read More

Database Services

One of your organization’s most significant assets is your data. At Orison Technologies, we are experts in handling data -- from modeling your data requirements to assisting in the design and creation of your database or mining your data for business information.

In this increasingly competitive business world, transforming your data into useful information can unlock countless business opportunities. Read More

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