FriendlyGhost Overview

FriendlyGhost is an advanced debugging tool for Macromedia Flash Platform and AJAX Innovations which enables developers to debug ActionScript and JavaScript applications more effectively.

With its highly integrated, component based client server application model and intuitive user interface, FriendlyGhost lets you visually debug your Flash and AJAX applications in real-time. Its Multi-tab environment and multi-level trace filtering with color coded debug messages provide you with total control on every aspect of debugging and testing of your applications.

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Following is a list of key features that FriendlyGhost offers for debugging different types of Flash ActionScript and AJAX based applications.

FriendlyGhost offers unified debugging solution for
developing Flash, Flex, Central, FlashLite and AJAX
based applications effectively

FriendlyGhost Key Features:

  • Out-of-the-box debugging experience
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Supports whole Flash Platform technology stack including:
    • Macromedia Flash Player for web browsers
    • Macromedia Flex RIA Server
    • Macromedia FlashLite for Mobile Devices
    • Macromedia Flash ActiveX
    • Macromedia Central
    • All third-party SWF2EXE tools
  • Supported all Macromedia Flash Platform development tools:
    • Macromedia Flash 2004 Professional
    • Macromedia Flash 8 Professional
    • Macromedia Flex Builder
  • Supports debugging and testing of AJAX Framework based applications as well as simple JavaScript applications
  • Significantly increase overall productivity
  • Integrated application model
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development) compatible
  • Allows to debug applications in production environment
  • Standalone windows application
  • Color coded debug messages depending on message types
  • Debug multiple applications simultaneously
  • LED feedback on activity
  • Real-time message filters
  • Lives in system tray
  • Developed in Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Professional
  • Virtually support debugging and testing of windows applications on all windows technologies that can consume Flash ActiveX, including:
    • Microsoft Visual Basic 6
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 6
    • Microsoft .Net Framework (C#, Visual Basic .Net)

Form beginner Flash and JavaScript coders to seasoned RIA developers – FriendlyGhost is a must-have tool for every developer to face the challenge of fast-paced result oriented application development environment in today’s emerging technology domains.

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FriendlyGhost Software Package Includes:

  • FriendlyGhost Server Windows Application
  • FriendlyGhost Component for Flash Platform
  • FriendlyGhost Lite, the FriendlyGhost library for FlashLite
  • FriendlyGhost AJAX Toolkit
  • Product Documentation
  • Sample Applications for Flash, Flex, Central, FlashLite and AJAX

System Requirements

For FriendlyGhost Component
Flash Player FlashPlayer version 6.0.79 or later
Flash Authoring Macromedia Flash MX 2004 or later
Extension Manager version 1.6 or later
Display Color Depth 16 bit

For FriendlyGhost Server Application
Operating System Windows 2000 Family, XP, 2003, Vista
Hard Disk Space 6 MB
Screen Resolution 800x600 or higher
Display Color Depth 16 bit or better



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