SWF2Go Professional v2.6

SWF2Go Professional enables you to create rich, powerful and engaging Flash Lite applications rapidly by combining the power of Python for S60 and Net60. Making professional class deployment packages is now one-click operation with new redesigned and friendlier user interface.

SWF2Go is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) friendly tool, allowing Flash Lite developers to deliver fast and on-time through simplified SIS packaging process.

SWF2Go Professional v1.5

SWF2Go is a professional toolkit for Adobe Flash Lite, which allows developers to create Symbian SIS installer and SWF launcher icon for Flash Lite applications.

SWF2Go is compatible with all versions of Adobe Flash Lite Player up to v3.0 and with Symbian S60 platform editions 1st, 2nd & 3rd+. Thus allowing developers to distribute their Adobe Flash Lite based games and applications to millions of mobile devices around the world.

FriendlyGhost v1.0

FriendlyGhost is an advanced debugging tool for Macromedia Flash Platform and AJAX Innovations which enables developers to debug ActionScript and JavaScript applications more effectively.

FriendlyGhost supports whole Flash Platform technology stack including Macromedia Flash version 6 and later, Macromedia Flex RIA Server, Macromedia Central and Macromedia FlashLite.

FriendlyGhost is also the first AJAX debugger, and includes FriendlyGhost AJAX Toolkit, a set of JavaScript library and a special version of FriendlyGhost component for debugging and testing AJAX and JavaScript applications in real-time.



ChatMX Mobile Edition

ChatMX Mobile is a prototype group chat application developed for mobile devices supporting Adobe FlashLite Player.

If you want your own branded version of ChatMX, contact us.

New beta version of ChatMX Mobile 2 for Adobe FlashLite 2.x Player is available.
| Download Beta


xoom is a desktop zooming utility which can stick with your mouse pointer and magnify the pixels under the mouse pointer to the xoom window.

While sitting in the system tray, it can help you read better from screen, analyze pixels of web graphics, desktop icons, other on-screen graphics and software skin elements with a single key stroke or mouse click.

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