New Version 2.0 of SWF2Go Professional Adds Advance Features to Adobe® Flash™ Lite Based Games and Applications

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 - Karachi, Pakistan

SWF2Go Professional v2.0 Now Supports Adobe Flash Lite 3.0, Addresses Symbian Signed Requirements for S60 3rd Edition, and Advance Features Through Tight Integration with Python for S60 and Net60 runtimes

Orison Technologies ( today announced availability of SWF2Go Professional v2.0, the latest version of its installation authoring solution for Adobe Flash Lite. The new version of SWF2Go is designed specifically to help developers easily package and deliver professional class Flash Lite-based games and applications, helping customers a smooth and familiar installation experience.

This new version of SWF2Go Professional now adds tight integration of Python for S60 and Net60 (.Net CF) on Symbian S60 platform. Mobile application developers can now exploit these new features to deliver rich, powerful and engaging mobile experiences.

The new version is released with a new website with dedicated discussion forums and wiki for developers to collaborate and share thier experiences. Website:

SWF2Go Professional has been recognized by many Flash Lite experts as a standard for making professional class Symbian SIS installers for Adobe Flash Lite based applications.

"SWF2Go by Orison Technologies handles an important part of the development cycle for Electricast by supplying a robust and trusted installation package which is up to date with the changing technologies of the Symbian operating systems." said Jerry Amadon, Lead Developer at Electricast LLC. "SWF2Go enables Electricast developers to focus on new technologies and delivery systems for tomorrow’s software world."

"Outside Media has used SWF2Go on all its applications, to create an end-user friendly installation package." said Matt Pollitt, Creative Director at Outside Media Solutions Ltd. "This allows the applications to be launched from the mobile desktop via an application icon as opposed to the traditional route of opening the .swf file via the file manager application."

"We are glad to see stunning Flash Lite games and applications making their way to mobile market-place. And we feel proud to be a part of this process." said Faisal Iqbal, Lead Application Developer at Orison Technologies. "SWF2Go Professional v2.0 now opens new possibilities for companies to focus on developing video based intuitive Flash Lite products by making it easier to rapidly deliver them for the latest Symbian S60 platform based devices."

SWF2Go Professional is an industry standard for authoring high-quality Symbian Installers and SWF Launchers with Intelli-Lanuch v2 technology for more than 50 million S60 3rd Edition devices worldwide. It is designed to ensure that software applications are correctly installed, configured and eventually uninstalled on S60-based devices. To learn more, please visit the product website at

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