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Create SVG Icons for your Symbian mobile applications with SVG2Go, our free online SVG icon maker. On the Symbian platform you are required to provide the application icon in SVG-Tiny format. With Icon Maker you can quickly and easily make SVG icons out of of your Photoshop artwork or any other images.

SVG icons can be used for regular Symbian C++ applications, Qt for Symbian and applications and games based on Adobe's Flash Lite runtime.

You can use our popular product SWF2Go Professional to quickly package your Flash Lite mobile applications and games, and publish them on Ovi Store.

SVG icons are compatible with, but not limited to, the following devices:

  • Nokia N8, Nokia 5800, Nokia C6, Nokia E7, Nokia E Series and Nokia N Series
  • Samsung Omnia HD
  • Sony Ericsson Satio and Sony Ericsson Vivaz

Quick Start Guide

Follow these steps to make your custom SVG icons:
  1. Create your artwork in Photoshop or any other graphics tool, and save it in the PNG format.
  2. Load your image in the Icon Maker.
  3. Click the icon template on the left to choose the shape of the output icon.
  4. Drag the selection box to choose the area from the image you wish to use for your icon.
  5. You can use Arrow Keys and Shift + Arrow Keys to precisely position the selection box.
  6. Use the zoom slider to adjust the image size.
  7. Click the [Create Icon] button to generate and your SVG icon for your mobile application.
  8. Save the SVG file by clicking the [Save SVG] button when icon creation process is complete.

Recommended Icon Image Size and Format

  • The minimum recommended image size for creating icons is 64x64 pixels.
  • For best quality output, use PNG 24-bit format with transparency.

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